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Weight Room

The weight room (1300 sq. ft.) is equipped with many free weights, benches and machines alike. The entire floor surface is covered with rubberized flooring. The room is equipped for the novice all the way to the serious bodybuilders.

Free Weights


There are a variety of free weight options for your lifting requirements. There are a variety of dumbbells, kettlebells, pre-set barbells and of course olympic style barbells with a large variety of plates ranging from 2.5 lbs. - 45 lbs. A feature piece of equipment is the TuffStuff Dual Rack. There are also bench press stations (flat, incline and decline benches), numerous adjustable benches, preacher curl bench, shoulder press station, calf raise machine and 2 leg press machines.

Weight Machines


The weight room also features a variety of weight machines with stacks of weights. Some of the most popular machines are the TuffStuff 5 station jungle gym, the TuffStuff power rack/cage and the Quantum Fitness seated leg extension/curl machine. Other stack weight machines include a pec machine, a horizontal leg extension/curl machine, inner thigh machine and outer thigh machine. A TuffStuff Chin/Dip/Ab/PushUp Stand is a popular station.

TuffStuff Dual Rack
A popular piece of equipment at the Fitness Centre is the TuffStuff Dual Rack. This rack is a combination of two half racks, that allows two users to use exercise simultaneously. It features quick change adjustable safety stoppers, integrated pull-up station and weight storage.

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