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Fitness Centre Rules

The Rosetown Fitness Centre is operated as a non-profit organization. A Board of Directors sets policies, purchases and
maintains equipment and
makes decisions on behalf of the members.  

All Fitness Centre users must either pay a daily drop-in fee of $5.00 or purchase a membership. Memberships can be purchased by contacting the Fitness Centre at

Once a membership is purchased you will be given a 6 digit door lock code to use to access the Fitness Centre (24 hours a day / 7 days a week). A member's door lock code should not be given to any non-members to use the gym. Remember this is a non-profit operation, it requires all users to pay for using the facility. Use of the fitness centre is not free.

General Rules

1) Wear indoor shoes only. Change shoes at the door, immediately after entering the fitness centre.

2) Sign in and out on the sheet located on the desk at the entrance to the fitness centre.

3) Clean all weight and cardio equipment when you are done use. Cleaning solution and towels are provided. Never spray solution directly on to cardio consules, spray the towel and then wipe the equipment.

4) Put weight plates away when done. 

5) Shut off lights, fans, air conditioners and close windows and hallway door if you are the only person in the fitness centre when you leave.

6) The adjacent gymnasium is not part of the Rosetown Fitness Centre, therefore, it is not to be used by fitness centre members. 

Music / TV Rules

1)The fitness centre is equipped with high definition TV in the cardio room. The 1st person to use the TV in the cardio room decides what is watched on the TV (first come, first served idea).  

2) There is an audio jack connected to speakers in the weight room, which can be connected to a phone or ipod to listen to music. The 1st person to use the music system in the weight room decides what music is played in the weight room (first come, first served idea).

3) Music played should be in good taste for public listening.

4) Volume levels for both TV and music should be reasonable. Be aware of volume when there are functions in the adjacent gymnasium.

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